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Consumers see the design, not the function that appears, but the value it conveys. The same is true for ceramic tile products. Tiles play a pivotal role in the entire home space. The matching of ceramic tiles can also reflect the feelings of space and the expectation of home for people from different countries, different nationalities and different ages!

This year's Bologna exhibition, from product design to space display, is deeply loved by international big coffee. Especially for space-oriented booths, lighting, soft furnishings, accessories are the highlights, then we will look at the 2018 Cersaie Bologna·ITALY tile design style trend from the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom space!

Unique creativity, net red living room breakthrough imagination

The booth is the impression that the brand is left to people. Good design concept and unique product performance will not only impress the visitors, but also add points for further communication and cooperation.

Amy's ceramic tiles, which are dedicated to inspiration and create high-quality ceramic tiles, this year's show at Bologna shows this. A number of "net red space" can be described as a burst of friends, attracting a lot of fans.

Use bold colors to create an artistic bedroom

The hot cement style of the past few years has shown a significant cooling trend at this year's Bologna exhibition. Together with the fashionable synonymous in recent years, the "high-grade gray" color of the product has begun to slowly reduce, replaced by warm wood color and bolder retro colors. The artistic color scheme breaks people's inherent imagination of space and injects a more artistic aesthetic into the home building market.

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